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News re Cathy Shaw's website

You can now visit Cathy's web pages on family genealogy and her cacti at:
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TI-99/4a Home Computer

My first area of expertise is the Texas Instruments TI99/4A Home Computer, which I owned from the UK PAL launch, and still have.
Getting Started with the TI99/4A a book published in 1983 which goes deeper than many beginners books.

A large collection of TI99/4a articles for TI99/4a owners and users of the emulators

Some TI99/4A programs to download in a format for most emulators to use, with a large number of TI99/4a programs.
A memorial sample of the monthly columns of the late Jim Peterson, a longtime supporter of the TI99/4a computer.
Other TI resources on this site.
A Moomin page which has information about the BBC 1990s animated series telling the story of the Moomintroll Family. An episode guide Voice actors- who voiced what. Notes regarding other versions. The page originated with content from producer Dennis Livson (1946-2013).

Jakaroo or jakaro or jakaru... a page explaining and showing the lovely middle eastern game related to Ludo, but with complex rules and playing cards instead of dice...

A brief biography of family member and artist C W Northing with samples of his works. And a request to be contacted before you throw any away.

Items from the past- History

A history of the 1765 Chapel of St Thomas in Heaton Norris (now called Heaton Chapel) starting with the text of a church history I published back in 1979

A classic work on the history of Methodism : The Roots of Methodism by Fitzgerald, 1903 with a linked bibliography.

Online issues of the 1988-1992 journal Fractal Report with an index of all issues published.
early broadcasting - early radio, television, and film sound, magazine clips from the 1920s and 30s..
Published in 1941 from the British Ministry of Information: "Front Line 1940-41"

a page dedicated to SF author of the 50s and 60s Francis G Rayer (1921-1981) and his stories.

A page on the history of the former Empress Cinema, later the Poco a Poco nightclub, now demolished. Located at the corner of Manchester Road and Denby Lane, Heaton Chapel.

Directory pages

Animation from Japan: Anime page
Mostly classical computing with some useful tools: Computer links
my favorite Search Engines, which includes a "search this site" form and some specialist forms.
UK public transport, bus and train.: Travel links -
The entertainment page covers mostly older radio, tv and film
Information on Organ and brass band music, and favourite radio and music streaming resources.
A page remembering the organist Ronald Frost (1933-2015), with some of his playing to listen to.
Science fiction page deals briefly with books, tv and film in this genre.
Reliable unbiased news on the internet is almost mythical but... a small number of News sources.
Two pages of general reference links:
More general reference sites      official and educational sites.

About Stephen Shaw - former bank clerk and probation clerk, now retired, brief biography with optional pictures, or a longer format biography.
I have a small family photo album on this site, with thumbnail pages linked to from a brief text index page with images of my parents Reen and Cecil (George) Shaw and my son, and there is also a text index of many other images on this site.

Can you assist please- a page with names and photographs of people and things and places where I am seeking information.

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