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The Roots of Methodism pdf - Fitzgerald, 1903. A classic work on the founding of the Methodist church up to 1900.

If you would like searchable text, or wish to use text to speech software, here is a pure text file for you. The OCR has been proofread and the punctuation has been slightly modified for ease of listening: The Roots of Methodism Text file -by Fitzgerald, 1903.

And to read the book online here is a web version: The Roots of Methodism to read online - Fitzgerald, 1903.

Notes on Itineraries of Thought
Being a recommended reading list in the book "The Roots of Methodism".
The Roots of Methodism was written by an English "Wesleyan Methodist" minister and the emphasis is on that section of the Methodist Church.
Note re alternative formats of these old books

The Church of Christ as set forth in the New Testament : being two lectures addressed to Methodists of Leeds by Findlay, George G pdf Findlay: The Church of Christ

The evangelical revival in the eighteenth century by Overton, John Henry pdf Overton- Evangelical revival

Outlines of the world’s history : ancient, medieval and modern by Sanderson, Edgar pdf Sanderson - World's History

A short history of the English people by Green, John Richard, pdf Green- English People History

A history of England in the eighteenth century by Lecky, William Edward Hartpole, pdf Lecky- England 18th C

The English Church in the eighteenth century by Abbey, Charles John, 1833-; Overton, John Henry, 1835-1903 pdf Abbey- English Church 18thC

Religion in England under Queen Anne and the Georges, 1702-1800 by Stoughton, John pdf Stoughton- Religion in England 1702-1800

History of English thought in the eighteenth century by Stephen, Leslie, pdf Stephen: History of English Thought

Boswell's Life of Johnson by Boswell, James pdf: Boswell: Life of Johnson pdf
Proofread text: Boswell Life of Johnson text file

John Wesley's Journal (489 page version) - pdf Wesley's Journal pdf
text Wesley's Journal text

The life and times of John Wesley, founder of the Methodists by Tyerman, Luke pdf Tyerman Life of Wesley

The life of John Wesley by Southey, Robert pdf Southey Life of Wesley

John Wesley by Overton, John Henry pdf Overton -John Wesley

The life of John Wesley by Telford, John, pdf Telford -life of Wesley

John Wesley and the evangelical reaction of the eighteenth century by Wedgwood, Julia, pdf Wedgwood- John Wesley

History of Wesleyan Methodism by Smith, George, pdf Smith- Wesleyan Methodism

Stevens, Abel. The History of the Religious Movement of the Eighteenth Century Called Methodism, new edition. 1878.
3 volumes pdf's:
Abel- History vol 1 of 3 - 1878
Abel- History vol 2 of 3 - 1878
Abel- History vol 3 of 3 - 1878

The history of Methodism by Hurst, J. F. pdf Hurst- History of Methodism

Wesley and his preachers, their conquest of Britain by Pike, G. Holden pdf Pike- Wesley and his preachers

A short history of "the people called Methodists", pdf The people called Methodists

A history of the Moravian Church by Hutton, J. E. pdf Hutton- Moravian church

The beginnings of the Brethren's Church ("Moravians") in England ; by Wauer, Gerhard A. pdf Wauer- Brethren's Church

The dawn of the Reformation by Workman, Herbert B pdf Workman -dawn of the Reformation

The Church of Christ as set forth in the New Testament : being two lectures addressed to Methodists of Leeds pdf The Church of Christ

Handbook of scriptural church principles and of Wesleyan-Methodist polity and history by Gregory, Benjamin pdf Gregory- Handbook pf polity

The connexional economy of Wesleyan Methodism pdf Connexional economy

Minutes of the Methodist conferences : from the first, held in London 1744-1798 pdf First conference minutes


The popular history of Methodism by Telford, John pdf Popular history

History of the Primitive Methodist Church by Kendall, H. B. pdf Primitive Methodism

ALSO A VERY GOOD READ IS "A brand from the burning" by Roy Hattersley, a life of John Wesley.. (purchase from amazon etc) formats:

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